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The program, designed specifically for young Latina women, aims to ensure that women are represented fairly and equally in the workforce. Through leadership and empowerment workshops, symposiums, and partnerships, we equip Latinas to embrace their identity and represent the community in all industries, beginning with public service.

This new initiative focuses on engaging high school Latina students with an interest in public service while simultaneously building and supporting an amazing network of Latina professionals that supports the mission. 


Training the Next Generation of Latina Leaders

“Less than 1 percent of elected offices nationally are held by Latinas.”

"One of a kind

Non Profit Educational Organization"


Day 1: The young women learn about “Government 101” and about Women in Politics. They also learn the basics of a campaign.  They are trained in public speaking.

Day 2:  Field Trip to City Hall, LA County Board of Supervisors, and the LAUSD Board of Education.


Day 3:  The young women are exposed to Latina role models through a “Career Panel.”  They also get further training campaign fundraising, and campaign team formation.

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